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AIA Triangle Barkitecture: Supporting Local Shelters With Luxury Dog House Design Competition


AIA Triangle Barkitecture: Supporting Local Shelters With Luxury Dog House Design Competition


Tails will be wagging a million miles a minute at the kick off for the AIA Triangle Barkitecture design competition. Not only will jaw-dropping luxury dog homes be revealed, but all proceeds will benefit homeless cats and dogs. This post is all about the upcoming Barkitecture competition.

Over 15 designers and architects will be showcasing their custom pet designs this week in Research Triangle Park, NC. All monies raised will be donated to two local rescues; Paw Prints Animal Rescue and Freedom Ride Rescue.

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Have you heard of Barkitecture?

I am obsessed.

What is Barkitecture?

Barkitecture is home design with the pet in mind! That is so catchy, and I literally just made it up!

What I like most about the new pet design focus coined Barkitecture is that it is not inclusive to canines. You can build your home out with your pet rabbit in mind and the concept would be considered Barkitecture.

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What is AIA Triangle Barkitecture?

AIA is a worldwide organization that supports the architecture and design industry. They connect communities with architecture builds and content while simultaneously empowering professionals in the architect sectors. Their website is ah-ma-zing and I urge you to have a browse around to see all they do!

So now you have a feel for AIA, moving onto this upcoming even. They have an office in Triangle Park, NC. This office is hosting the competition, Barkitecture, in order to raise money for rescues. They have already raised $20,000.00+ and still have the auctions coming up!

Barkitecture Awards

These are the ways and awards teams can win.


Best in show as chosen by our panel of judges


Awarded to most sustainable design through clever use of materials and green design strategies as chosen by our panel of judges


Awarded to the most unique design that challenges the idea of what pet architecture is in new and innovative ways as chosen by our panel of judges.


Awarded to the build that receives the highest donation for their build during the silent auction at the event. 


Award based on the number of likes, shares, and comments on photos of your design featured on our Facebook and Instagram Accounts during the event


Best Signage as chosen by our panel of judges based off the graphics design and information included about your build

AIA Triangle Barkitecture reserves the right not to exhibit any prototypes which are submitted for any reason, including incompleteness, safety issues or offensiveness.

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You can follow their updates on Instagram, they are posting lots of fun sneak peaks; like these!

Imagine being a designer for this!

How fun that would be!

Here is some information about the remarkable rescues this event will support.

Paw Prints Rescue

These folks are on a mission to reduce the homelessness among cats, kittens, dogs and puppies in the Garner, North Carolina area. The hard-working volunteers at this facility do this through their adoption rescue, fostering and a feral cat management program.

Freedom Ride Rescue

The term freedom ride means the doggy who has been left in a shelter, is getting his ride out of there. Almost always to his new forever home.

If you are looking for a new canine companion, here is the gallery of their adoptable dogs. ADOPT ME!

They are so cute!

Final Thoughts

Triangle Barkitecture is a custom pet architecture competition open to all pet designs. They have several cat specific designs this year, and some of their designs are intended to be used for multiple pets.

You can check out photos from previous events, including some more cat-themed ones.



They just challenge architects, designers, engineers and creative minds all over the Triangle to come up with ideas of new and innovative pet architecture – the pet choice is up to them. 

Triangle Barkitecture is a volunteer based program of AIA Triangle, which is a chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Barkitecture gives designers a creative outlet while educating the community on architecture and raising money for a good cause.

All designs are auctioned off on site and donated back to that year’s rescue partners. They try to select a rescue partner that works with dogs and one that works with cats. They would love to spread into other animal rescues as well.

With this event, they have raised over $20,000 to help local pets in need.

Even if you do not live in North Carolina, being supportive through monetary contributions and social media likes, comments and re-shares is always so appreciated! Check them all out and give them a high paw if you have a chance. They are working hard to support pets and the people who love them!

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