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A Cat Owner’s Guide To Setting Up A Home Office


A Cat Owner’s Guide To Setting Up A Home Office


Working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with it comes the opportunity to have your furry feline friends as your new coworkers. This post is a cat owner’s guide to setting up a home office.

I know my home office turns into Finnegan-land REAL QUICK, so I had to create a special space for him when I plan to be at home pounding away on my laptop. Here are tips that I use AND I found when researching this very challenging, albeit common, topic.

Inbox Your Cat

While cats can be a great source of comfort and entertainment, they can also be a distraction when you’re trying to focus. If you’re a cat owner who works from home, it’s important to give your cat their own space in your home office.

Since felines love to be close to their owners, having their own spot on your desk can help them feel included while you work. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your cat entertained while you work on your computer.

Not all cats will fall for this, but many times, if they know it is their only option; they will take it.

If they insist on being RIGHT NEXT to you, consider an inbox or even a basket like this one.

Home office cat has his own basket

One of the biggest challenges for cat owners who work from home is keeping their cats off their laptops. Cats love the warmth of electronics and the attention they get from their owners when they sit on their keyboard.

When I had my other mischievous tuxedo cat Madison, he was always taken my phone off the hook (back when there were landlines) and sitting on my keyboard. I finally got him his own inbox to sit in.

Madison having a phone call in his home office

Blanket Bribing a Home Office Cat

Another way to avoid this problem in your kitty cat-friendly home office, is to try placing a soft blanket or towel on a nearby chair or shelf to encourage your cat to sit there instead.

Madison went for this trick and I used a drawer that worked well as his snooze area while I worked.

Madison in his home office drawer

Build a Cat Wall

Another great idea is to create a cat wall in your home office. This can be as simple as adding a few shelves or cubbies for your cat to climb and explore. Your cat will love having their own space to play and relax, and you’ll appreciate the extra space it provides for your work.

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    Design a Home Office with Cat Furniture

    Cat scratchers are another essential item for any home office with a cat. Cats love to scratch, and providing them with a designated scratching post or pad can help save your furniture from their sharp claws. You can find scratchers in all shapes and sizes, from simple cardboard scratchers to elaborate multi-level towers.

    I put Finnegan’s PetFusion cat scratcher next to the sliding glass door to see outside. He is content watching the birds while having access to snoopervise over what I am doing (in his office ;).

    A cat window hammock can also be a great way to give your feline some entertainment while allowing them in your home office while you work.

    A window cat would be the BEST EVER for a home office cat in warm weather!

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    Scheduled Playtimes

    Seriously, this will help.

    Schedule time with your cat, even five minutes, to play with his toys away from your desk. Literally leave your work area and drag a wand toy around for a few minutes. It will give you a needed break and he will love a little attention. Plus it will teach your cat that the fun playtimes are not near your keyboard. Be sure to top off the play date with a few treats.

    Maybe put the treats in his cat bed or box. This way it signals him to stay in that area for more treats later.

    Concluding Purrs on a Cat-Friendly Home Office

    In conclusion, having a home office with your cat can be absolutely do-able if done right. By following these tips and tweaking to your situation, you can create a comfortable and productive workspace for you and your furry friend.

    Remember to always provide your cat with plenty of love and attention, and they’ll be the best coworker you could ever ask for. Also remember that petting them and snuggling them WHILE you are pounding away on your keyboard will encourage them to come back from more, and more, and…. soooooo teach them with the scheduled playtimes away from your desk, and they should get the hint.

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