Hoiru Cat Wheel

Hoiru Cat Wheel

With a solid oak base and a modern round shape, this cat wheel entices cats to exercise. The thin, light grey felt encourages cats to scratch, climb and grip as the wheel turns. Neutral colors compliment the color scheme of any home and the moving wheel provides a unique exercise element to a cat’s home.

8 Modern Cat Trees That Make A Major Statement

modern cat trees

This post was updated in November, 2022. Cats love to climb as it gives them a higher vantage point to view their world. Being up high is something they love. It helps them scout, prey, aids in hunting, and gives them a place to relax while soaking up the sun. Suppose you want an elevated […]

What Type of Health Problems Do Sphynx Cats Have?

What Type of Health Problems Do Sphynx Cats Have?

A sphynx cat is unique from all other felines in the world. Its “hairless” appearance, pointy ears, and gaze make this cat uniquely beautiful. Like any other cat breed, this hairless kitty has his own challenges. This article answers the question, “what type of health problems do sphynx cats have?” This exotic feline is a […]

BOHO Cat Furniture On Amazon You’ll Love

cat furniture

When it comes to style, you want what you buy for your cat to reflect your type of choice. Embracing a laidback BOHO style with your cat furniture can add some excellent vibes to your home. These products are suitable for a cat as they get comfort and fun, and you get something that doesn’t […]

The Ultimate Guide To Adopting A Cat

cat adoption

You have made a choice and decided that adopting a cat is not only good for you but your family as well. Nothing is more exciting than bringing your new feline companion home. Your cat will be, after all, a long-lasting addition to your home for many years. This is your guide to adopting a […]

Clever Cat Catio Builders Directory [2021 Updated]

catio builders

Building a quality catio so your cat is safe while spending part of the day outside is an investment in your cat’s happiness and wellbeing. More and more cat owners are choosing to add a catio to their homes so they know their cat can experience outdoor living while staying safe and out of harms way. This post […]

Why Do German Shepherds Drag Their Hind Legs?

German shepherd hind legs

I was recently in the Chicago suburbs enjoying a cafe latte outside while pounding away on my laptop when a man with a German Shepherd caught my attention. What I eventually saw was a German Shepherd that had a bit of a drag on his back legs. I couldn’t take my gaze off the two […]