10 Modern Cat Toys You Have Got To See

cat toys

Cat’s love to play. Whether your feline best friend is a kitten or senior, playtime can almost be all the time. Between feeding time and naps, your cat is more than likely playing. It’s an outlet that both your and the cat can enjoy and strengthens the bond between you both. Playing will also keep […]

Boho Bedroom Guide Complete With Essential Cat Furniture (Tree, Hammock, Toys)

If you are shopping for a new look or are freshening up your old, consider the hottest new trend, bohemian. This genre is so eye-catching, it is hard to go wrong. Plus, I put everything on one page and included the links below. Every single piece of boho supplies including the cat essential furniture is […]

PAWsitvely The Best Christmas Decor Ideas For Cat Lovers


After the past two years of far from traditional events occurring around the holiday season, it is time for some good old fashioned Christmas celebration. If you are ready for some festive decorating this pawliday, and want to decorate your home with some cat-friendly decor, you have pounced on the right content. This post is […]

9 Insanely Cute Cardboard Cat Houses Your Feline Will Obsess Over


If you are a cat lover, you probably know that cat furniture eye candy is prettyyy popular these days. I am excited and humbled everytime I see a new design that creatively puts the spotlight on aesthetics while doubling as a practical cat essential. Thank goodness cardboard cat houses are included because they are ligthweight […]

22 Best Cat Essentials Of 2022 That Will Make Your Feline Purr


Every kitty cat needs an essentials list. But finding all the right stuff for your cat can be the most difficult thing about having him! I have ordered so much stuff, just to have it sit empty (I am looking at you cat beds!) or return it hoping to find the ’right’ thing; sometimes I […]

Shelter Dogs And Cats In Delaware Get A Massive Boost To Livelihood With An Animal Awareness Center


The SPCA in Delaware recently opened their doors to a new, state-of-the-art animal welfare facility. Jaw-dropping renovations took place in the Brandywine Valley Copeland Center. This post is all about shelter dogs and cats in Delaware getting a massive boost to their livelihood with an animal awareness center. The 20,000 square foot center was once […]

Should A Catio Have A Litter Box?

Two cats in a catio

Catios are easily one of the best ways to enrich your cat’s life instantly. By giving your cat or kitten a protected space outdoors, the quality of his life sky-rockets. But what should your cat have access to while he is basking in sun-puddles? Should a litter box be close by so he doesn’t have […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Cat Paws AKA Toe Beans

Cat paws toe beans

If you are a kitty cat lover, a feline fanatic, a scroller of kitten insta images than you may already know that cat paws are often referred to as toe beans or jelly beans. Although paws might seem like nothing spectacular on your average animal, I believe you might indeed find that the cat paw […]

Proven Ways To Boost Your Cat’s Immune System Naturally

Boost your cat’s immune system naturally

This is about proven ways to boost your cat’s immune system naturally. I have had two FIV (Feline Immune Deficiency) felines, and one cat adopted as a kitten without any immune deficient challenges, although Finnegan did have ringworm when I brought him home. My two FIV cats lived relatively healthy lives until they were about […]

Senior Citizen? Consider These Things When Adopting A Cat

Senior citizen with a cat on her lap

Pets can be wonderful companions for all types of people. Dogs and cats alike are bringing joy and a sense of purpose to human beings of all ages. Senior citizens are among the top groups benefiting from our furry friends. This post explores the the things to consider when adopting a pet for senior citizens. […]