Cat Sitters: What Can You Learn From Your Most Important Critics (Updated 2022)

I have to get this off my chest, to the pet sitters and to the people who use cat sitters or dog sitters. Maybe I want to also find out if others feel the same way. Perhaps I want feedback. Hopefully this will spark a conversation that will bring more value to pet sitting services […]

Sphynx Cat Clothes And Accessories That Match Color Of The Year 2023 Purrfectly


This post is all about Sphynx cat clothes and accessories that match Moore’s 2023 color of the year. Benjamin Moore rolled out their color of the year for 2023 and it is splendid! Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush is fiercely dramatic while simultaneously creating a fun and cheery space. The color can stand on its own […]

Senior Citizen? Consider These Things When Adopting A Cat

Senior citizen with a cat on her lap

Pets can be wonderful companions for all types of people. Dogs and cats alike are bringing joy and a sense of purpose to human beings of all ages. Senior citizens are among the top groups benefiting from our furry friends. This post explores the the things to consider when adopting a pet for senior citizens. […]

13 Feline Essentials: Stuff You Definitely Need If You Are A Cat Owner 2022

This post was updated October 2, 2022 Having all the right cat essentials is such an important part in making your cat feel right at home and loved to pieces. This post is all about feline essentials every cat owner needs. We break down the needs of a cat so you can take the guess […]

The Ultimate Do Siamese Cats Make Good Pets Guide [2021 Updated]

Do Siamese cats make good pets?

According to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), there are 44 recognized cat breeds in the world today, one of which is the Siamese. This beauty stands out amongst other breeds for her elegant look, loud meow, talkativeness and surprising intelligence. This article is an ultimate guide to the Siamese cat. This article aims at getting […]

20 Things to Remember When Hiring a New Dog Sitter [2022 updated]

20 Things to Remember When Hiring a New Dog Sitter

For dog owners who travel a lot, the move to hire a dog sitter can be a clever one. Your dog clearly can’t go everywhere with you so why not get someone back home to care for him as you would. The hard part is finding the right individual for the job. Sometimes your friends […]

Bored Cat: Your Cat Deserves Better Than A Life Of Boredom

If your cat could talk, would he tell you he was bored? Cats require a lot of mental and physical stimulation, a deprivation of any or both will cause a cat to become terribly bored. The tendency for household cats to get bored these days is even heightened. With our smartphones and favorite TV series […]

Important Ways to Prepare Your Home for a New Kitten

Important Ways to Prepare Your Home for a New Kitten

Adopting a new kitten is one of the most exciting experiences for any cat lover. All kitty cats have their own one of a kind personality, unique characteristics and sometimes-even health considerations. Different considerations for different ages and types are important for the new cat owner to be aware of. Preparing your home for a […]

7 Ways To Prevent Pet Stress Around The Holidays 2022


There are several new challenges pet owners face thanks to Covid and all that came with the pandemic. The holiday season presents a new set of solutions, albeit similar to the old but tweaked a bit. This post is all about 7 ways to prevent pet stress around the holidays; for both cats and dogs. […]

How To Interview A New Dog Walker

dog walker interview

At Kritter Kommunity, we are all about pets enjoying the outdoors. When you cannot be out with your furry buddy, the best option would be to let someone else do it. But how do you know if a dog walker is right for your pet? Do they love dogs? What kind of person should he/she […]