The Anatomy of A Cat Claw [2023]


A cat’s claws are unlike human nails, even though they are both of Keratin. The feet of cats can be extended and retracted with the aid of specialized muscles, ligaments, and tendons within the body of cats. This explains why a cat’s claws are barely visible most of the time. This post is all about […]

Feline Digit Pillow Anatomy: Exploring The Kitty Foot


If you’re a cat lover, get ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of our feline friends’ digit pillows. In this article, we’ll break down the feline digit pillow anatomy in a way that’s easy to understand, just like deciphering the secrets of your favorite pet. Without further ado, let’s pounce into this kitty […]

The Black Persian Cat: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’re a cat lover, chances are you’ve come across the captivating beauty of a Black Persian Cat. With their luxurious, long fur and striking appearance, these feline companions have won the hearts of many cat enthusiasts worldwide. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the origin, characteristics, features, coat, and answer frequently asked questions […]

What Are Some Comparison Between A Cats And A Humans Anatomy


If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been captivated by the mesmerizing agility of our four-legged friends. I’m here to dive into the world of anatomy and unveil some of the most fascinating comparisons between our agile companions and ourselves. So, grab a cup of catnip tea, and let’s embark on a journey to explore […]

Unlocking Feline Anatomy: Do Cats Have Eyelashes? 


Sometimes I look at my cat Finnegan and all I see is his furry black face and adorable white mustache. Since he is a tuxedo cat, his striking marks can sometimes distract from the little miraculous parts of his anatomy. This post is all about answering the question, do cats have eyelashes? Do Cats have […]

How To Clean Sphynx Cat Paws And Gunky Toes [2023]


Sphynx cats are a unique and beautiful breed, known for their hairlessness and wrinkled skin. But their paws are just as interesting! In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the anatomy of Sphynx cat paws and gunky toes; including their webbed feet, bone structure, and more. A dark brown or black residue […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Cat Paws AKA Toe Beans [2023]


If you are a kitty cat lover, a feline fanatic, a scroller of kitten insta images than you may already know that cat paws are often referred to as toe beans or jelly beans. Although paws might seem like nothing spectacular on your average animal, I believe you might indeed find that the cat paw […]

Why Does My Cat Have Smelly Breath?(Worse Than Normal) [2023]

Cat breath

Last week, Finnegan did his customary face-in-face at the crack of dawn routine. At the exact moment he exhaled, I inhaled and caught an unusually strong whiff of his foul-smelling halitosis. This is not to say that his cat breath ever smells pleasant, it does not. However, this particular morning was downright horrifying. I could […]

10 Design Ideas For Cats In Small Apartments [2023]


If you’re a cat lover living in a small space, you know the struggle of finding ways to keep your furry friend happy without sacrificing precious square footage. This post is all about design ideas for cats in small apartments. Whether you’re living in an apartment or a tiny home, there are many design techniques […]

Why Do Cat Claws Have To Be So Sharp? Murder Mittens

cat claws

Anyone who has ever had a kitty cat understands what murder mittens are. But the actual anatomy of cat claws and why they are the way there are might surprise you. This post is all about why do cat claws have to be so sharp? Murder mittens. Cats are fascinating creatures with unique physical traits […]