Do Maine Coon Cats Have a Favorite Person?


If you are an owner of a Maine Coon, one of the things you probably love the most about them is how much they enjoy interacting with people. In fact, this is one reason that many people call this cat breed the “dog of the cat world.” While Maine Coons love people in general, you […]

Maine Coon Tips For Good Health

Maine Coon Tips For Good Health

The verdict is in. According to this report, Main Coons are some of the most-loved cat breeds in America. The reasons are obvious: they have stunning looks, love to play, have gentle personalities, and are cuddly. But, perhaps the most compelling reason why cat-lovers prefer Maine Coons is that they are friendly cats. One could […]

Arthritis In Maine Coons: Your Complete Guide For Help

Arthritis In Maine Coons

Maine Coon cats are among one of the most loving, loyal and gentle feline breeds you’ll come across. They are also one of the largest. Their size alone draws quite a bit of attention, but couple that with their laid back personalities and it is no wonder they are one of the most popular cats […]

Do Maine Coons Play Fetch?

do Maine Coon cats play fetch?

Latest Posts From Our Blog Also known as the “Gentle Giant“, Maine Coons are sweet, loyal and laid-back. They are huge in size for a cat, gaining them a lot of attention for videos and pictures. Owners love to show-off their hefty coons. All that being said, what about fetch? Cats are not known to […]

Do Maine Coon Cats Get Along With Dogs?

Introducing a Maine Coon cat to a dog

Ever since writing “10 Things To Know Before Bringing Home Your Maine Coon Cat” , I cannot stop thinking about Main Coon cats. It has me almost obsessed to learn more about their disposition and how they interact with people and animals. This post is all about do Maine Coon cats get along with dogs? […]

The Charming Personality Of The Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Personality

Maine Coons are one of the most popular cat breeds to find forever homes. As if her strikingly good looks, distinct facial features, silky fur coat and gigantic size are not enough to draw a crowd; they are super charismatic felines. This post is all about the charming personality of the Maine Coon cat that […]

10 Things To Know Before Bringing Home Your Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat

Also known as the “gentle giant”, Maine Coon cats are very popular on the Internet and know to be wonderful pets. They are so popular that they are the most Goggled kitty cat in the USA. Their appreciative and kind nature makes them super socially acceptable by pet owners and even other pets. Maine Coon […]

Is A Sphynx Cat A Good Pet? This Cat Expert Weighed In


If you are tapped into cats on the internet, you probably know Brooke Arnold. She and her sister own the popular cat site Catington Post. You might or might not also know that Brooke is the proud pet parent to not one, not two sphynx cats, not three… but four Sphynx cats. I was fortunate […]

Unpacking The Ragdoll Cat Breed: Complete Profile With Adorable Must See Pictures

Ragdoll Cat Breed

Popular for their gorgeous blue eyes and fluffy longhair coats, this cat breed also tops the charts for being extremely affectionate and well adjusted. This article unpacks the Ragdoll cat, exploring their complete profile. If you are interested in learning more about Ragdoll cats, you have come to the right place. PERSONALITY Much like the […]

The Kittenish Ways Of Burmese Cats That Make Them Popular Pets

Burmese Cats

Adorable, kitten-like, playful and loving are all characteristics that make the Burmese cat so extraordinary. Drop dead gorgeous, charismatic and energetic are also traits that can be found beside the name of any Burmese. If you are looking into adopting a cat breed of this nature, we are unpacking the profile for your information. This […]