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Crafty Comfort: DIY Cardboard Cat Houses for Your Feline Friends [2024]


Welcome to our latest blog post where we dive into the playful world of DIY cardboard cat houses—a perfect project for pet owners looking to provide a cozy hideaway for their indoor cats. Whether you’re eyeing a modern house design or a unique two-story cat house, we’ve got you covered with ideas that combine home […]

Oh So Sweet: Dessert Cardboard Cat Scratcher by Happy & Polly


If you have stopped by Kritter Kommunity before, you know we love finding pet products that serve your cat’s natural instincts while appeasing your design sense. This cute dessert cardboard cat scratcher is such eye candy, I had to get it out as soon as I found it! As a cat lover, there’s nothing more […]

Cardboard Cat House by CacaoPets


Transform your living room into a space of intergalactic adventure, with the Star Wars Imperial Trooper Cardboard Cat House. Perfect for any Jedi pet owner, this unique cat furniture is shaped like a stormtrooper’s helmet, and offers endless hours of entertainment for both you and your cat.

Let your kitty explore the ways of the force and practice their mind control skills from the comfort of this themed cat cave. While your pet is mastering the art of the force, you can have your own galactic battles against the TIE fighter carved in the sides of the cat house.





Raw Cat Food: Is It for Your Feline?


🐱😺😸 Feeling like you’re hitting a wall with your furball’s picky palate? 😿 Is your kitty turning up their nose at the same old kibble, day in and day out? 🍽️ Oh, I can relate all too well! 😼 Let me introduce you to my very own food connoisseur, Finnegan. This delightful furball has made […]

Best Cat Window Hammock for Your Feline Friend


If you’re a cat owner, you know that cats 😸 love to lounge and nap in cozy, elevated spots. One of the best ways to provide your feline friend with a comfortable place to relax is by investing in a cat window hammock.🐱  These hammocks attach to windows using suction cups, providing a safe and […]

Designing a Home for Your Oriental Siamese Cat: Tips and Ideas


Even though Finnegan isn’t an Oriental Siamese, my experience with those brainy and charming cats like Madison and Abigail has been invaluable. Finn’s got his own unique personality, less of the Siamese elegance but just as clever and playful. Creating a comfy home for Siamese cats was like crafting a tailored paradise for them—finding cozy […]

Designing the Perfect Cat Room: Space Planning for Feline Fun


For cat lovers, creating a dedicated space for their feline friends is a dream come true. A cat room provides an enriching environment where our furry companions can play, relax, and explore to their heart’s content. This post is all about designing the perfect cat room with space planning for feline fun. Designing a cat […]

Bring Nature Inside with Biophilic Design Techniques & Realistic Cat Trees


Cat trees that look like real trees, often referred to as realistic cat trees, are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners as they provide a more natural and aesthetically pleasing option for their cats’ climbing and lounging needs. Not only do these trees provide cats with a stimulating and comfortable environment, but they can also […]