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7 Games You Can Play with Your Dog Inside


If you have an inside dog or it’s too cold to go for a walk to play any dog games outside, then there are some fun ways to entertain your puppy indoors. Games not only give your dog exercise, but they strengthen your bond with them, and they also keep your dogs mentally sharp. After all, dogs do need mental activity as well as physical. This article is all about seven games you can play with your dog inside.

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What game can I play with my dog indoors?

Playing the same old bla bla throw the tennis ball can get old. There are actually lots of games and different activities for you and your pup to do. We pulled some of the best ones we could together in a round-up. Here are a bunch of fun activities and games to play with your dog inside.


Normally, the classic game is held outside. You can do this in a hallway or a large room and helps your dog get the exercise it needs. This is also the best time to teach your dog the command, “fetch.” Some training does involve games, and your dog is more than happy fetching a ball, over and over again.

One of the most fun and popular new fetch toys is by Chuckit!

The Chuckit! Toy is a fantastic indoor dog toy that offers numerous benefits for both pets and pet parents.

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This 7.5 inch Glow in the Dark ball is perfect for satisfying your dog’s natural chasing instincts, making for hours of interactive fun. It is also gentle on your pet’s teeth and gums thanks to its canvas, rubber, and foam construction.

The deep ridges make it easy for your dog to grab and retrieve, while pet parents can kick it without worrying about pet slobber.

The high-visibility colors make it easy to spot in tall grass or large open fields during outdoor play, and it doesn’t require batteries.

Plus, it’s durable enough to hold up to rough and tumble dogs. With the Chuckit! Toy, you can have fun and bond with your pet while giving them the exercise they need. This pup toy makes playing with your dog indoors a very positive and healthy experience!

Hide and Seek

Not just for children as your dog will love it too. Ensure your dog knows the command “find” or find it.” All you need to do is hide something, like their favorite toy, a treat, or a member of your household. After that, tell your dog to “find it.” If your dog is having problems, give them some clues to help them out until they get better. You can even walk them to the hiding place. Hide and seek can be the perfect game for dogs who live in apartments. You only need two or three rooms to stimulate your dog’s enthusiasm for finding you.

The Cup Game

You’ll need three cups and some treats. Let your dogs see that you place a treat in a cup. Then shuffle them around. If your dog motions toward a cup with the treat, then give it to them as a reward. This game offers a lot of mental stimulation.

Puzzle Toys

Some of these may cost more, but in the end, they’re worth it. These require your dog to solve the puzzle to get a treat. Some are more complex than offers, so it’s best to start small and work your way up.

Tug of War

A tug rope or toy is perfect for any dog. Since most dogs love playing with their owners, this is a great way to bond with your pet. It’s also a way to exercise your dog. Keep in mind, the bigger the dig, the more durable of a tug rope you’ll need.

Stairway Dash

While this isn’t much of a game on your end, it’s an excellent way to help your puppy burn off some of its crazy energy. You’ll need a long hallway or stairs for them to run back and forth or up and down. This works well with fetch as it gives them a goal.

Teach your dog new tricks

While playtime is excellent, teaching them new tricks will also keep them motivated mentally and physically. It can become a rewarding experience for both of you.

Dog Toy with Treat Inside

The SCHITEC dog toy, a perfect example of an indoor activity for your pup!

This treat dispensing toy will keep your dog entertained for hours. With multiple leaking holes, it is designed to accommodate different sizes of dog food and treats. The ridges on the surface and groove allow you to apply peanut butter or dog toothpaste, which helps clean their teeth while chewing.

Made of durable, non-toxic, and soft food-grade rubber, this toy is perfect for medium to large breed dogs. Plus, the added beef scent will attract your dog to chew and satisfy their natural instinct. Get your hands on this interactive dog toy and keep your furry friend away from destructive chewing.


Ensuring your inside dog has the proper amount of playtime is essential to their physical and mental well-being. It will strengthen the bond between you and prevent many problems caused without appropriate exercise or stimulation. Dog games are vital to your dog and will make them a lot happier.

This article is all about seven games you can play with your dog inside.