7 Common Questions About Sphynx Cats: Answered

sphynx cat

7 Common Questions About Sphynx Cats: Answered


The Sphynx cat at or Felis catus dates way back to 1966 in Ontario, Canada. It wasn’t until 1975 that the foundation for the breed was laid for this gorgeous feline. These hairless cats are energetic and extremely playful that is good with children and even other animals. While their appearance may come off as strange, they do make the best cuddle buddy. Due to them being hairless, they do take more care. This breed also raises a lot of questions.

Sphynx Cat

From getting into everything to their high energy, Sphynx cats are an excellent pet to have in your home. They tend to get on top of everything or inside everything. They’ve proven themselves to be an inquisitive creature. What makes these felines so awesome, and are they something you should know?

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7 Common Questions and Answers About Sphynx Cats

How Does A Spynx Cat Feel?

While they look hairless, some do have a velvety fuzz on their body. Some are also bald all over. Most will feel like warm suede. Perfect for kitty cuddles as your cat wants to stay warm, and that’s their favorite thing to do.

Can They Get Sunburned?

Absolutely. The lack of a fur coat makes them susceptible to the sun. The fur acts as a barrier to their skin (just like hair on our head). Too much exposure can be problematic. Since they lack much pigmentation, they can easily sunburn.

Even with them sunning themselves in a window can get burned. Installing shades or screens to lower the sun’s impact will keep them healthy. It’s best to limit their exposure as even darker-skinned cats can burn quickly. Remember, there is no cat sunscreen, so avoid that at all costs.

Can A Sphynx Cat Get Fleas?

Yes! Fleas only have one condition. That is a warm-blooded animal to jump on. A lack of fur doesn’t make a Sphynx cat immune. As a bonus, well, not much of one, it does make the fleas easier to see. 

Should My Sphynx Wear A Sweater?

Yes, a sweater or lightweight garment can be very helpful for your hairless feline. There are two reasons. One, a sweater will help keep him warm. Two, a garment of some sort will help to protect him from sunburn.

Lightweight coats that cover your pet’s entire body are an excellent alternative to sunscreen, although you’ll still want to dab a little sunscreen on noses or other exposed areas, such as tails.

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Due to the lack of hair, you may be wondering how they stay warm and what you need to do to help them out. As these cats are super friendly, snuggling up with them is always a fantastic option. They also run four degrees warmer than other cat breeds. So, the lack of fur doesn’t necessarily mean they’re freezing or cold—they are energetic, which helps them stay warm. Also, cat houses, beds, and even blankets will make them super comfortable. 

Will They Get Along With Other Pets?

Typically a Sphynx cat does get along with other pets like cats and dogs. They are friendly and out-going, generally speaking.

As they are relatively affectionate, you do have a better chance of them getting along with your pets than just about any other breed of cat. Still, each cat will have its personality and may not like your other cats or even your spouse. 

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Should I Bathe My Sphynx Cat?

Yes, bathing your hairless cat will be more frequent than one with fur. Since they produce oil, you want to wipe him down regularly with a damp cloth and non-scented wipes. You do not have to bathe your Sphynx every week, but you do have to clean him regularly. A full bath is only a few times a year typically. Cleaning between their claws is very important!

“I clean my cats’ paws at least once or twice a week,” says Dr. Verrilli. “Unlike regular domestic shorthairs, there’s a lot of active work that goes into keeping Sphynx cats clean.”


Unless they have played in the mud or are really dirty, a rinse once or twice a year will be all you need to do. They do produce a lot of skin oils that help them stay clean.

Keep in mind these oils will get on everything in your house. If you decide, your kitty needs a bath, use something gentle like a baby shampoo with no scent or a good wipe down with a baby wipe.

What Are The Health Concerns For This Breed?

  • Hypertophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Sunburn

Every cat breed will have its health problems, but Sphynx cats are susceptible to HCM or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This is a genetic disorder that is common amongst all cat breeds. Sphynx cats do have the most occurrences when compared to other breeds.

This disease is a thickening of certain parts of the cat’s heart, usually in the left ventricle area. Once a year, take your feline companion to a certified cardiologist for an HCM scan.

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Concluding Thoughts

While strange or exotic, Sphynx cats have become a regular household pet for many people. Their features draw a lot of raised eyebrows and a few jokes, but you can’t laugh at a cat that finds your lap the best place in the world for a nap.

Their friendly attitude quickly earns them a place in a home. They love being with their owners at all times and will follow you around like a dog. You could easily argue that a Sphynx cat is dog software on cat hardware. Sphynx cats will bring you a lot of joy and companionship for many years.

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