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5 Cities That Love Dogs

cities that love dogs

5 Cities That Love Dogs

cities that love dogs

Having a dog in your life is enriching and can make your days happier. One of the challenges of dog ownership is having to move. Even if you can choose where you want to move, you want a city that loves dogs. Pet friendliness is essential. While having a landlord that allows pets is one thing, you will also want places to go with your best friend. This can be dog parks, cafes, coffee shops, businesses, groomers and even regular parks that will welcome your canine companion. Fun outings are crucial to a happy and lifelong companion. This article is all about cities that love dogs.

You love your pet. So do a lot of others as America has the most extensive pet ownership in the world. Each city and state comes with its own personality when it comes to dog friendliness.

Some states have many dog parks, while others are full of pet-friendly businesses so that you can tackle the latest sale with your dog or even have dinner out with Fido sleeping calmly at your feet.

Finding the right state, let alone city to move to can be challenging as a dog owner, but this list will lead you in the right direction.

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What is the most dog friendly state in the USA?


Why is Washington state the winner for the friendliest, most loving and known for catering to canines of all sizes and breeds?

Oh let's count the ways!

  1. Most dog friendly apartments available
  2. High pet population (dogs took over and made Washington their castle)
  3. Laws protecting dogs from cruelty
  4. Laws protecting dogs from tethering
  5. Laws protecting dogs from being left in a car
  6. Laws against animal cruelty
  7. Laws against dog fighting

Cities That Love Dogs

  • Portland, Oregon: Portland is one of the most famous cities in the U.S. It is also home to over thirty-three dog parks. To make the city that much better, it has its dog social network. If going out for a beer is on the agenda, take your dog. Some brewing companies allow you to bring your dog with you. Take advantage of all the meetups available, like the Pit Bull Parade and the Pug Crawl. 

If you chose Portland, Oregon as your spot to live or want to investigate this area further, here are four hot spots that also welcome your bestie with open arms. Dog friendly cafes in Portland:

Jave Hound Coffees

Tin Shed Garden Cafe

The Dragonfly Coffee House

Snow Bunny Cafe

Bring Fido

  • Seattle, Washington: If you or your dog hate the rain, you may want to choose another city. If this isn’t an issue, then you’ll be delighted to know that Seattle has more dogs than children. The city also hosts an indoor dog park if you or your puppy don’t want to get wet. Dogs are also allowed on the city buses, railways, seaplanes, and ferries. If meetups are your thing, there are at least thirty-two to choose from. Also, many businesses are dog-friendly. 

Seattle Meetup Groups that are dog friendly.

Seattle Dogs Meetup Group

North End Hikes and Walks Seattle Meetup

Seattle BarkHappy MeetUp Group

  • Austin, Texas: For dog lovers, Austin is a mecca of dog photographers. There are also local food trucks that serve up some delectable treats for your dog. Many restaurants also welcome your canine companion with patio dining. There are swimming spots for dogs and even a fitness studio that teaches you yoga with your dog. Plus, Austin has a temperate climate, so outdoor activities are numerous for you and your dog.

  • Boston, Massachusetts: Whether you want to move to Boston for a job or sports, there’s a lot to do here with your dog. Many bars allow you to bring your dog in. This is usually called “Yappy Hour,” and you can take a break with a cold drink with your pal by your side at specific times. If taking the subway is your preferred mode of transportation, you can take your dog. There are also dog-friendly cruises, so you and your dog can explore Boston together. Most of the neighborhoods are pet friendly, and this includes apartment living.

  • Chicago, Illinois: The Midwest is a great place to live, and Chicago proves to be a city that loves dogs. Many businesses leave bowls of cold water out for passing pups. If you love the beach, your dog may also. Take them to Montrose Dog Beach for some fun in the sun and an occasional but sniff. The Chicago White Sox holds a Dog Day annually for a game of baseball. There are also numerous paths and scenic walkways that are open to you and your dogs. 

With dog-friendly museums, restaurants with a dedicated doggy menu, or an off-leash beach, many cities offer many surprises for you and your canine buddy. Your dog loves to explore, and living in a pet-friendly city will give you the chance to do so. So, when you’re sniffing out a new place to live, give one of these cities a look. A pooch-friendly city filled with dog parks, treats at many businesses, and room to roam is perfect for both of you.

Cities that love dogs are essential to your and your canine companion. The more dog-friendly a city, the more you and your dog will have to do and the friendlier your neighbors will be to your best friend. While you may be able to take your dog everywhere in the city, these places have numerous options for you and your dog to live the best life you can.

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