Cats are outdoor creatures by nature. They love being out there in the open space where they can soak up the sunlight during summer, savor the fresh air and fully experience the stimulation of sight, smell and sound of the natural world.

Come to think of it, have you ever wondered why your indoor cat gets to spend so much time seating at the window and starring outside? Well the answer is simple, true excitement for a cat can only to be found outdoors. In case you haven’t known, windows are like TV to an indoor cat.

As a cat owner, do you ever wish to provide your cat with an outdoor experience and yet protect it from the dangers that come from being outside?

If you answered yes to that, then building a catio for your cat may just be what you need. What’s a catio you might ask? Simply put, a catio is an outdoor enclosure for the cat you love. She is able to safely hang out there and watch the world go by.

Here are five great benefits of building a catio for your kitty cat:

One of the reasons why a cat is kept indoors by her owner is to safeguard the cat. A cat roaming freely outdoors isn’t safe as there have been cases of cats getting run over by vehicles, poisoned, sustaining fatal injuries from fights with dogs and other cats, getting lost and contracting diseases from other animals it encounters while outdoors. With a catio, your cat isn’t deprived of playing outdoors for safety reasons. She is allowed an outdoor experience, and is yet kept safe. Now isn’t that amazing? You get to give your cat what it wants the most in the world – an outdoor experience, and still get to protect her.

  • An Ultimate Solution To Feline Boredom

When a cat is kept indoors for too long she not only gets super bored, she also gains unnecessary weight. The latter only occurs because staying indoors causes the cat to sleep more and exercise less. Other problems associated with cat boredom are: clawing at the furniture, anxiety, sneaking out of the house, litter box issues and social tension between housemate cats. As earlier mentioned, cats are outdoor creatures by nature and keeping them indoors for all time isn’t always the best idea. A catio helps bring a lasting solution to boredom as cats are granted an outdoor experience though enclosed, and also given enough real estate for playing and keeping their distance from other housemate cats.

Building a catio will help protect birds and local wildlife that would have been preyed on by a cat left to roam freely outdoors. Studies have shown that free roaming cats are responsible for the death of over 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion small mammals annually. When a domestic cat is allowed outside to roam freely, the results are always tragic to smaller creatures. This is because cats are wild by nature. They may look all gentle and innocent, but when out there, they take on their true nature – killing any bird or smaller creature that dares cross their path. By building a catio for your cat, you get to keep the environment safe for birds and small mammals and still not get to deprive your feline of a swell outdoor experience.

  • Building A Catio Helps Eliminate Litter Box Odors Inside Your Home

It can be quite frustrating to come back home only to notice your cat has either peed or defecated in the wrong place. It is always a problem for cat owners when their feline stops using the litter box. The is because the whole house begins to emit an awful odor. Litter box aversion is a common problem with most indoor cats. The only way to truly solve a litter box aversion and reduce those foul odors that comes from keeping a feline or multiple felines in a home is to build a catio. With the inclusion of a catio to your home, the litter box is moved outside and your cat spends more time in the outdoor space built for it, thereby reducing the chances of your fur baby messing your home.

  • A Catio Will Help Boost Your Cat’s Happiness and Health

Don’t know if you know this, but cats get depressed too. Lack of stimulation is one of the main causes of a cat’s depression. When a cat isn’t provided enough stimulation on a daily basis, it does affect its health and wellbeing. Building a catio for the cat you love will help her stay closer to nature – something every cat craves for. And when a cat gets what she wants the most, there’s no reason why she wouldn’t be happy. A cat deprived of going outside could also get obese, which isn’t a good thing got for you the owner. An obese cat would find it difficult to move about or complete simple tasks, and trust her to refrain from using the litter box. The cat isn’t to blame though, the litter box may have been too far to reach. A catio is also beneficial to your cat as it reduces the chances of your feline getting infected with a disease from other animals while outdoors.

Building a catio for your cat is good in every sense. A catio does brings you peace of mind when your beloved feline gets out there to play. In fact, there are loads of other benefits to be derived for both you and your cat. And if your cat could speak right now, we’re certain she would tell you how fed up she is from being kept indoors. Yes your cat loves you and your company, but she also needs alone time to get in tune with nature. Don’t deprive her of that. Consider building a catio for your cat today.

Portable Catios

If you are not able to build a catio, consider a portable catio. The Kritter Kondo collapsible cat enclosure is an ideal alternative to traditional catios. 

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