What Are The Quietest Dogs? Which Breeds Don’t Bark?

quietest dogs

Almost every dog barks. After all, it’s their way of communication.  But when your furry friend won’t stop talking at 4 AM (we’re looking at you, beagles!) while you’re trying to sleep, or at any time during the day for no reason, it can become incredibly frustrating for you and your neighbors. And no one […]

5 Amazing Eco-Friendly Cat Beds

Our cats are family. We love them and want to make sure they are comfortable and well-cared for. As a cat owner, you take time to research the best foods to give your feline friends, take them to the veterinarian to keep them healthy, and find time to play with your cats to keep them […]

How Do Cats Show Affection To Humans? Does My Cat Love Me?

cats show affection

A cat may not run to you as soon as you come home – it might actually shun you away when you try to caress it. But does that mean your cat doesn’t love you? Certainly not!  In fact, this post is all about how do cats show affection to humans so you know exactly what to […]