How Do I Know if My Kitten is Teething?

kitten teething

Teething kittens tend chew excessively and may even lose their appetite especially if their gums are sore. You may find little teeth that came right out of it’s mouth and fell onto the floor, but many times a kitten will swallow it’s teeth and you will not see any at all! If you’re present when […]

Why Do Baby Kittens Bite So Much? (2022)

Kitten biting sisal rope

Why do baby kittens bite so much? Updated October, 2022 Biting is a normal part of a kitten’s growing up process. There are many reasons why your baby kitten is biting. This post is all about why baby kittens bit so much. Why Do Baby Kittens Bite So Much? A kitten will bite in order […]

Should I Be Worried If My Dog is Bored?

bored dog

Have you ever wondered if your dog can get bored? Do you worry that your canine buddy is bored? If you answer yes, you aren’t the only one. Like many dog owners, it can be challenging at times to keep your dogs entertained. While you may find many ways to entertain yourself, dogs, however, are […]