10 Commands Every Smart Dog Should Know

dog commands

To make the best out of your dog’s life and even keep them entertained with something to do, you want to make sure they know a few things. These can be commands that will train them to be the best friend they can be, not to mention the goodies they get for doing them right. […]

5 Cities That Love Dogs

cities that love dogs

Having a dog in your life is enriching and can make your days happier. One of the challenges of dog ownership is having to move. Even if you can choose where you want to move, you want a city that loves dogs. Pet friendliness is essential. While having a landlord that allows pets is one […]

10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

adopt an older dog

Adopting an older dog makes for a very happy pet. While their time left in the world won’t be as long as you’d like, you will find that the bond you create with your senior dog is just a strong as ever. Plus, adopting an older dog comes with the privilege of getting its full […]