10 Things You Should Know Before Bringing Your New Pug Home

new pug

In case you didn’t know, pugs are adorable and have a personality, unlike many of their canine counterparts. They cuddle like champs, playful, and like most dogs, loyal. If you want to adopt one, it helps to know how their unique set of traits before you let a rambunctious pug into your home. This article […]

Why Adopting Pets Is So Popular Right Now

pet adoption

As you and the rest of the world are dealing with the pandemic issues, loneliness is one issue many haven’t considered. Like everyone else, you hate having to stay home or maybe stuck home to work. Many restaurants and bars are closed or close early. Even theaters have limited seating or showings to prevent the […]

Cat Eating Habits: When You Need To Worry

cat eating habits

What is your cat trying to tell you through her eating habits? Image Credit: Unsplash Many cats are indoor cats. But that’s not to say they don’t go exploring every now and again. And while indoors is a much safer option for your feline friend, on the odd occasion, your cat may go walkabouts and […]