Clever Cat Catio Builders Directory [2021 Updated]

catio builders

Building a quality catio so your cat is safe while spending part of the day outside is an investment in your cat’s happiness and wellbeing. More and more cat owners are choosing to add a catio to their homes so they know their cat can experience outdoor living while staying safe and out of harms way. This post […]

Your Essential Checklist For Bringing Home Your New Sphynx Cat

A hairless Sphynx cat is a very special pet and when it’s ready to bring it home you will want to have everything to be purrrrrfect. So we have prepared the ultimate checklist for everything you will need to prepare for your lovely Sphynx’s arrival. Do Hairless Cats Like To Cuddle? Sphynx kitties do love […]

Tips For Designing A Home Office For Cat Owners (2022)


Covid-19 literally changed how pet owners work and live. Although having the company of your adorable fur baby all day long is one of the major advantages for cat owners who work from home, there are challenges. This content should help you navigate the home-office cat life and inspire new ideas. This post is all […]

How to Know If Your Dog Has Ear Mites (and how to treat them)


Have you ever seen your dog shaking and scratching its head more than normal? You must be curious why your dog is doing this. If you look closely, you will understand that an invisible insect known as a mite is the cause of this irritation. Gross right? All is not lost, this content should help. […]

Your First Catio: 10 Essential Steps To Success


If you are a cat lover and fortunate enough to be owned by a feline, you probably have a catio, even if it is a portable one. At the very least, you have scrolled Pinterest or Instagram, salivating at all the meow mansions you wish you could build for your furry BFF. If you have […]