The Ultimate Do Siamese Cats Make Good Pets Guide [2021 Updated]

Do Siamese cats make good pets?

According to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), there are 44 recognized cat breeds in the world today, one of which is the Siamese. This beauty stands out amongst other breeds for her elegant look, loud meow, talkativeness and surprising intelligence. This article is an ultimate guide to the Siamese cat. This article aims at getting […]

5 Long-Haired Cats That Make Great Pets

5 Long Haired Cats That Make Great Pets

There are 44 cat breeds in the world today according to the Cat Fanciers Association. Each of these breeds has what makes it unique and different from other breeds of cats. In some, it is their appearance, and in others, their personality just makes them stand out. In terms of appearance, cats are grouped into […]

How To Deal With Flea And Ticks For Dogs

How To Deal With Flea And Ticks For Dogs

Ticks are terrible bugs that live off their host. They are rampant in areas where there are tall grasses and woodland. Once a tick attaches itself to a host, all it does is suck the blood, irritate the skin and even transmit diseases into its host. Sometimes our canine friends just happen to be victims […]