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13 Feline Essentials: Stuff You Definitely Need If You Are A First Cat Owner 2023

13 Feline Essentials: Stuff You Definitely Need If You Are A First Cat Owner 2023


Welcome to the world of cat ownership! Adopting a cat or kitten is a wonderful experience that comes with its own set of responsibilities. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the essential items you’ll need for your new furry friend in 2023. This post is all about first cat essentials for 2023.

First and foremost, it’s important to adopt your cat from a reputable shelter or rescue organization. Not only will you be giving a loving home to a cat in need, but you’ll also be supporting a great cause.

Next, you will want to make a list of all your needs. It is important to do this prior to bringing home your new kitten. When I brought Finnegan home from his foster parents, I already had many of the essentials he would need because I had an adult cat. However, there were still several baby kitten essentials that I picked up prior to bringing him home, and I am glad I did!

First cat essentials

What Are The Needs Of A Cat?

When I adopted my very first feline ever, I obsessed over every little thing. Being a new cat owner was exciting, and in some ways stressful. I wanted to do everything right and get all the right kitty products so my new fur baby was as happy as he could be.

When I adopted my first kitten, who is now an adult male cat named Finnegan, I was obsessed with ensuring that I had all the necessary products and essentials to meet his needs.

I scoured numerous websites, exploring various cat toys and supplies to identify the ones that would be best for him. As a new cat owner, I was excited but also somewhat stressed. I wanted to do everything correctly and provide my new fur baby with all the right kitty products to keep him happy.

Although adopting a kitten differs from adopting an adult cat, there are certain core staples that any new cat owner should be prepared for to ensure their feline’s everyday life is comfortable. To provide you with a handy checklist, I have summarized over 10 cat needs so that you can refer to it when putting together your shopping list.

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Here are more details for the cat essentials every cat owner will want to have.

This is the stuff that will help make life with your favorite feline happy, safe and healthy!

First cat essentials

Best First Cat Essential Products


When I brought home my very first cat Madison, I literally brought him home in a carry cardboard box. It was fine for the intended purpose (to get him home safely) but I quickly realized that I had no way to carry him to the vet for his check-up. Getting a carrier first would have helped a lot.

I suggest you do some research and find a carrier ideal for your needs. Give yourself time to browse around. After trying many carriers, I still prefer the exact same type of carrier I have used for all three cats which is a hard sided plastic one. I get mine at PETCO or Amazon and I always get the larger sizes so my adult cats have a little more space to relax.

Having a cat carrier on hand always will prove to be valuable. You never know when your kitty might need to get to the vet quick.

Cat Scratcher

Cats instinctively need to scratch.

Scratching is good for their claws, fulfilling their natural instincts and for your furniture!

I recommend getting at least one good scratcher that your cat loves and looks good in your home. Then you will both be happy. My favorite cat scratcher is by PetFusion and it is sold on Amazon. Finnegan loves the shape because he can lay on it comfortably. This design looks great in cat owner home. We have a couple of them; one for the living room area and one in my bedroom.

Scratching Post

Buy on Amazon

The shape of a scratching post is different than your typical scratcher. A cat scratching post is usually made of sisal rope and offers a different experience for your kitty cat.

I LOVED this giraffe, and thank goodness so does Finnegan.

There is also a zebra available on Amazon which is just as adorable. You can create an entire jungle for your kitty cat! Not to mention, these animal cat scratchers would look adorable in a children’s playroom.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

First cat essentials

Kitty cats love to spend time outside, but of course it can be very dangerous. Catios, cat windows, and outdoor cat enclosures are a great option for providing a space outside without the dangers of roaming free.

We love the Kritter Kondo (of course) because it is easy to set up and can be connected together for a nice long cat walk.

There are many many cat pens on the market for kitties, so look at all your options. Catios are the ideal way to give your cat space outside while avoiding the dangers of roaming free.

I highly recommend visiting and use Cynthia’s content as a resource. Not only does she offer DIY blueprints, she can custom design something ideal and perfect for you! Cynthia is the catio guru! (click the image above and go there today!)


Kitty cats need water and one of the best ways to keep them hydrated is with moist food. There are many other reasons cats should have moist food in their diet especially if they suffer from diabetes or kidney disease. Check with your vet, almost always they recommend a wet food diet.

In addition, it sure is ideal if your cat can eat grain free food. I am not going to lie, Finnegan eats a mix of Cat Fancy and grain free. I wish he would only eat the grain free, but he does love Cat Fancy too.

Wervu is my favorite brand for healthy wet cat food options.


First cat essentials

When company comes to visit, Finnegan likes to hide away until he is comfortable with the new smells and voices. Having his own indoor pen is ideal for him.

I designed the Pet Lodge to collapse flat and fit conveniently in it’s carrying case. There is no assembly required. It is easy peasy!

First cat essentials

This cat pen also comes with stakes for the ground so it can easily be used as an outdoor cat pen too.

The cat lodge was a lifesaver when I moved from Philadelphia to the Chicago area. Finnegan slept in his cat lodge at hotels we stayed in. He loved having a familiar area to chill.

A cat house will also come in handy if you ever foster another pet or are introducing another cat to each other. Having a cat house is sooooo nice! And when you do not need it, just hang it right in your closet out of your way.

Cat Toys

Even though your cat will love playing with your pony tail holders, milk rings and other odds and ends from your stash; she still needs her own cat toys. Finnegan has a toy box filled with catnip toys. His favorite catnip kicker is the Yeoww! banana AKA nana phone.

A favorite among kitty cats (including mine) is the GoCat Da Bird. This little gem can give your cat hours exercise. Warning: you will need to move around a little too.


Buy on Amazon

Well any cat owner knows the joke that a new cat bed arrived and my cat loves the cardboard box more! LOL, ain’t it the truth!

But having a cat bed is a good idea. Many cats do love to have a space they call their own especially if you have more than one cat.

When I had Abigail, my female Tabby cat, she loved her own bed. Her favorites were round and soft!


Go easy on the treats! These are probably the most addicting cat treats and not the healthiest. I like to hide a small handful around in different areas if I am going to be gone for extended periods of time. Finn loves to find them and then he crashes until I get home.

Litter Box


Food Bowls

Grooming Tools

Not only will your kitty cat need the above essentials, you will want to get organized with a few other items listed below.

Cat Owner Essential Emergency Supplies

  1. Veterinarian
  2. Cat Sitter
  3. Emergency Contact Information
  4. Pill-Masker or Piller

Summary of First Cat Essentials

In conclusion, being well-prepared for your new kitten’s arrival is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience as a cat owner. Creating a checklist of must-have items like cat litter, cat tree, and litter genie is crucial before bringing your furry friend home. These essentials play a vital role in providing a comfortable and loving environment for your new companion.

Drawing from my own experience with Finnegan, I learned the value of having the right supplies ready. Already having some essentials due to owning an adult cat, I still recognized the importance of acquiring specific items like cat litter, a cat tree, and a litter genie for the little one. I’m immensely glad I did, as it made Finnegan’s transition to his new home much more delightful and hassle-free.

This post was all about essential stuff every cat owner will want to have.

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