10 Tips For Choosing The Best Cat Enclosure Furniture For Your Catio

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10 Tips For Choosing The Best Cat Enclosure Furniture For Your Catio


This post was update November, 2022

Change your cat’s catio into her new favorite hangout with these essential tips. Outdoor furniture and decor can make all the difference. This post is all about 10 tips for choosing the best cat enclosure furniture for your catio.

The purr-fect catio furniture combines functionality, durability and comfort. With the right accessories, a basic cat pen can be transformed into an outdoor castle.


Catio Considerations: 10 Tips For The Best Catio

  1. Make a List of Catio Essentials
  2. Read Cat Furniture Reviews and Testimonials Before Buying
  3. Outdoor Furniture That is Easy To Clean
  4. Get A Storage Cat Supplies Box
  5. Design With Other Patio Decor In Mind
  6. Durable and Sturdy
  7. Water-Resistant
  8. Incorporate Rugs
  9. String Lights
  10. Consider Paw Grips On Ramps

Now, let’s dive into some ways you can pick out catio furniture that will make your cat pen the feline crib your fur baby is dreaming about!

Make a List of Catio Furniture Essentials

Start by considering all the things you want your catio to have. This will be so specific to each owner because many considerations will be reviewed. Considerations such as, how much time will your cats be in their catio, how many cats will be in the pen at a time and how warm or cold does it get outside? Do you want ample space for climbing or do you have a smaller area to work with, that might include extra shelving? All of these can be used as your essentials guide. You can use it to start identifying the type of furniture that will be necessary to outfit the pet safe haven.

Here are a few things you might include on your list:

Be sure to confirm everything is outdoor friendly. It should be water-resistant and if possible sun-resistant. You want good sturdy stuff that can hold up against the different seasons your region experiences. Moving cat furniture in and out of your home is one hassle you don't want to have to deal with!


Read Cat Furniture Reviews and Testimonials Before Buying

Let's face it, a few of the best places to get anything on line is where you can read reviews, and alot of them. Amazon is among the top stores to find great, reviewed pet supplies. Among other top spots are Etsy, Wayfair and Target.

I like to read the reviews that have actual images of the customer buys. It is a great way to see the products in action. I also appreciate when they give the categories that people rate based on a specific feature. Using reviews can save you a lot of headache and hassle.

Outdoor Furniture that is Easy to Clean

If you are a cat lover, you know that although cats tend to be self-sufficient they are far from low maintenance. There are plenty of activities any feline owner needs to practice including but not limited to cleaning the litterbox, playtime, love and attention, opening and closing door cupboards, replacing vases and glassware randomly pushed off tables and shelves and on and on. The last thing you need is outdoor furniture that needs your TLC regularly. Instead, go with scratchers, posts and cushions that will be easy to clean.

Finding easy to clean cat decor can be challenging but it is possible! Many chairs, furnitures, cat houses and scratchers are made with cardboard and fabric that is not to friendly to clean. But here are a few options I found that are specifically designed for easy clean-up!

A cat house with a water based coating is the way to go! A pitched roof will help dirt run down the sides to the ground for self cleaning.

Consider DIY scratchers and poles made of twisted sisal rope which is ideal for outside elements! By making them yourself, you can pick out the right material and incorporate it right into your catio sides.

Colored sisal rope is also available which will camouflage dirt and grime until you have a chance to wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Anything I can throw in the wash machine is a plus for me! Also, vinyl works really well outside and can be wiped down lickity-split!

Get A Storage Cat Supplies Box

Kids need a toy box right? Carpenters need a tool box. Gardeners need a gardening box. Cats and catios need an essentials supply box. This can be any outdoor water-resistant box that you can toss items in to keep them off the cat enclosure ground. Toys, litterbox scoop, cleaning supplies, cloths and even grooming supplies can go inside! I would avoid putting treats and food in the box the smell does not attract other rodents.

If your catio is seasonal and will be closed during inclement weather months, you might cover up parts with patio furniture covers. Anything stackable is also a plus! Stack up a small pile and cover it up with one piece of outdoor material.

Design With Other Patio Decor In Mind

Not to be too matchy-matchy, but having catio furniture that matches your other patio or yard people stuff can be way cute! Matching colors, styles, decor and materials are all ways to achieve this design technique. Compliment your lifestyle and your feline's lifestyle. Incorporate shade canopies that tie in nicely with human patio umbrellas. Match lounge areas of both catio and patio together with cushions, throw pillows and fabrics that are the same colors or the same in style and design.

If done properly, this can be absolutely jaw-dropping and quite the conversation piece when you have guests visiting.

Catio Furniture that is Durable and Sturdy

If you took the time to build your cat a catio, invest in durable high quality furniture. It will save you time. You won't have to replace it every month or two.

Reviews are a great place to check the sturdiness of your favorite pieces. Even if you are sticking within a budget, consider investing the bulk of your money to the items that will be used the most. High traffic areas, space that will be exposed to direct sunlight and areas that might need cleaned regularly.


We touched on this briefly already, but it is an important one. Even humid regions have such a high amount of moisture in the air, water-resistant is best. The obvious items are cushions, shelving, outdoor litterbox and cat houses.

Incorporate Rugs

Rugs in eye-popping colors can be fun!

This is yet another way to tie your catio design in with your people area. Get rugs that match!

There are outdoor rugs all over the internet!

If you get a rug, consider nailing it down, or use adhesive so the kitties don't move it all around as they jump from floor to ground.

I love the ones that roll up into a carrying case because you can store it later if needed. This is also perfect for multi-purpose uses. If your cat travels in an RV, you might love this outdoor rug for both traveling and your outdoor cat enclosoure.

String Lights

It is true, cats can see better than humans in the dark but they prefer a little light. Not to mention, a string of lights that outlines outdoor space is eye pleasing.

These are soooooo cute!

I personally like to keep it simple with a string of globes and let the live kitties be the only cat decor.

Consider Paw Grips On Ramps

One of my absolute favorite design tips is to put a grip mat down on your shelves. Especially shelves that angle up! Most of the wood will be treated making it a little slick, so give your cats something to hang onto as they prance around their outdoor palace. Imagine climbing on ice, yikes!

Here is a visual example of what I am specifically describing.

Also, follow this IG @catio_living for more catio tips!

Seriously folks, my next life I want to be their cats!

Watch the video that gives a show stopping tour of exactly how they built their catio and some essentials they included (like an outdoor litterbox, OMG brilliant!)

Concluding Thoughts

Catios are definitely the rave among cat lovers, and I foresee this trend only growing. If you are considering an outdoor cat enclosure, hopefully this gave you some places to start your learning journey.

Don't despair condo and apartment dwellers! There are outdoor options for your kitty cats too. Here is a blog post on how to build a window catio, inexpensively!

Building Your Cat a Window Catio for Less Than $100

There are also portable catios, outdoor enclosures, that can be used in yards, patios, balconies and parks.

Obviously the Kritter Kondo and the Pet Lodge are an option, but Amazon also carries some portable catios that are pretty fabulous!

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