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10 Reasons Why You Need To Attend The Catio Tour In Portland Oregon 

10 Reasons Why You Need To Attend The Catio Tour In Portland Oregon 


Can you hear the paw steps getting closer and closer? The rumbling of purrs all over Portland? That is the sound of the catio tour that you do not want to miss!

This post is all about catios and the catio tour held in Portland Oregon annually.

Cats are outdoor creatures, your decision to keep them inside the house might stem from love for your feline friend as you try to keep her safe from outdoors dangers, but she might get bored so an outdoor option is a great way to improve your cat’s overall health. However, while she’s outdoor, she needs to be safe from the many dangers lurking outside the walls of your house, and the other wildlife need to be safe from her too, so the best route to take is to get her a catio.

So what exactly is a catio?

A catio is an outdoor enclosure that provides your kitty with a safe outdoor experience. Your cat gets what she wants the most – a feel of the life outdoors, and smaller animals as squirrels and birds are kept out of harm’s way. If you wish to acquaint yourself with more benefits of building a catio for your cat, this article here should help out.

For the seventh year, the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and the Audubon Society of Portland will be organizing a fun-filled Catio tour in the Portland metro area on Saturday Sept 7, 2019. If you’re a cat lover/owner, there’s no better place to be on that day.

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A catio tour is all about checking out amazing catios provided by cat owners for their cats in a city or area. A catio tour isn’t just a journey for pleasure, it’s also an all round educative experience for cat owners.

Below are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on the forthcoming catio tour taking place in the Portland metropolis.

Get Inspired To Build Yourself A Catio

Sometimes, reading articles and blogs on the internet about why you need to get your feline friend a catio isn’t convincing enough. Having a friend or feline expert tell you about a catio and its many usefulness isn’t also always effective, but a catio tour sure lights the fire within. The major goal of this unique event is to inspire people to build catios for their cats. If there’s one thing we can assure you, it’s definitely the fact that attending this catio tour will provide you with all the inspiration you’ve always needed to build a catio for your beloved feline.

Get Ideas For Your Backyard

The self guided catio tour in Portland metropolis has always been one of a kind. Cat owners have been acquainted with genius ideas as to how they can utilize their backyard space to build a safe pet playground for their cats. So if you have a small or large backyard and don’t know how to utilize the space, the forthcoming Portland catio tour is where to be.

Acquaint Yourself with Amazing Catio Designs

Catios come in different designs, and no cat owner can claim to know about all the designs of a catio. In fact, everyday people are coming up with new and improved designs for catios, which is why you should attend this year’s catio tour. Organizers of the yearly tour are working hard to make sure cat owners who attend this year’s event are presented with the most fascinating catio designs ever seen. Last year’s tour had attendees blown away by the “Taj Meow,” this year’s tour promises to showcase even more beautifully designed cat enclosures you can try out in your yard.

See The Cool Stuffs Other Cat Owners Have In Their Catio

One thing is to build a catio for your cat, another thing is to have the right tools installed in the catio. Cats enjoy viewing their surrounding from a high position and exercising too, so it’s important to include stuffs like sunbathing perches, spiral staircases and ramps – just about anything to present your kitty with lots of levels, angles and perches from which she can safely experience the actions in your backyard. Attending this year’s catio tour will give you the opportunity to see what cool stuffs other cat owners have in their catio.

Meet With Other Cat Owners

The forthcoming catio tour is another time for cat owners to meet. This event happens just once in a year, so why on earth will you want to miss it? When cat owners meet, valuable knowledge is exchanged. If you’ve been longing to meet with other cat owners/cat lovers as yourself for the sake of asking feline related questions, and getting helpful answers or just becoming friends them, then this is one event you don’t want to miss out on.

Get Educated and Be Informed

The Portland catio tour aims at properly educating cat owners about the many benefits of getting a catio for their feline friends. This catio tour isn’t just gong to get you inspired to build a catio for your cat, it’s going to educate you on the usefulness of a catio. You will also learn of how catios have been able to transform the lives of millions of cats and made the environment safer for other wildlife.

Be Part Of The Campaign For Catios

After losing a cat they love to coyotes and other hazards or seeing their cat bring home birds they had killed while outdoors, most cat owners vowed never to let their cat out of the house for any reason. Such individuals are difficult to convince. But your presence at the catio tour will help make a difference as you join others to spread an awareness of the ills of completely shutting an indoor cat away from the world outdoors, and the benefits of building a catio for a cat.

Donate To A Good Cause

All funds gotten from the catio tour goes to support the Portland Audubon’s and Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon’s “Cats Safe at Home”™ campaign – which aims at lowering the number of free roaming cats in the Portland metro area. So if you love cats and wish to contribute your own quota in ensuring homeless cats find a home where they are loved, cared for and safe from harm, you should attend this year’s catio tour.

See Other Cute Cats

If you’re a cat lover and the sight of cats really excites you, then this is one tour you should attend. The tour will take you from place to place giving you the opportunity to meet with several cute and incredible cats in the city.

It’s Going To Be Fun

Every tour is a thrilling experience so this will be no different. Portland is a beautiful place with loads of attractions so being there for a catio tour isn’t going to be void of fun. You get to visit a pleasant city checking out fantastic enclosures housing your favorite animals, meet beautiful people, learn something new, and after that, get to chill in really nice places – sincerely speaking, I don’t know what beats that!

If you’ve made up your mind to attend the catio tour taking place this year at Portland metro, then you might consider staying at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco located within the city. It’s a cat friendly place and the services they offer are splendid.

We really hope to see you at this year’s catio tour!

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