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10 Design Ideas For Cat Owners In Small Places

cat in small places

Plenty of people want to own animals when they live in places that don’t offer a lot of space. Many breeds of dogs require too much space and the ability to have easy access to outside for people to rationalize having them. Some of the people that want pets when they don’t have a lot of space will just end up settling for smaller animals such as hamsters, fish, or other cages animals. However, a lot of people that live in circumstances without a ton of space have cats. But what do you do to keep the cats happy in the limited space that you have? This post is all about 10 design and decor ideas for cat owners in small places.

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Is It Okay To Have A Cat In A Small Apartment?

Modern Furniture For Cats

The short answer is yes, absolutely. If you adopted a kitty cat from a rescue, a small apartment could now be a mansion to that feline who was in a cage. So don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to keep your furry friends happy in tiny spaces, it just takes a little bit of extra thinking.

How To Make Your Small Home Cat-Friendly

Grab your notepad and be ready to jot some stuff down, because here are ten ideas to take advantage of the small amount of space that you have while being able to have cats!

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Tips For Cat Owners In Small Spaces

1. Take advantage of vertical space!

If you live in a house or an apartment that has limited square footage, it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed when considering bringing an animal into the mix. One easy way to overcome this stress is to take advantage of any vertical space that your new home has to offer.

One thing about cats that people need to understand is that they are instinctually drawn to higher places. Cats love to be in an area that allows them to survey the land below them so they can keep an eye out for any possible threats and any possible food sources. (Although, the food sources part is mostly for cats that are still living in the wild.)

This is why I am such a fan of cat wall furniture like cat shelves. Not only is it eye candy for you home decor, it is ideal for small spaces that have limited floor space. And the most important factor, your cat loves wall shelves and climbing apparatus!

An absolute favorite here at Kritter Kommunity is Tuft and Paw’s Vista cat shelf. I love it so much because it is the perfect size for a cat to comfortable lay and relax on the wall.

Lined with a beautiful grey fur, this cat shelf provides hours of observation time for an indoor cat.

2. Unique litter box designs.

There is one thing that is almost entirely unavoidable when owning a cat, and that is having to have a litter box. Litter boxes can be stinky, take up a lot of space, and can be pretty ugly in most cases. All of these things can make people living in small spaces not want a cat, and if you’re one of those people, don’t be discouraged! There are so many other options out there!

For starters, there are litter boxes that can be bought that are designed to look like fake potted plants. Your cat just walks into what looks like the pot of the plant to take care of business and walks right out, keeping the smell locked in while also not looking like a place an animal would go to relieve themselves.

There are also plenty of DIYs out there that show you how to create storage containers into cat litter boxes so you don’t have to worry about the smell getting all over your small apartment. Some of these DIYs can also double as furniture. How cool! No matter what you decide to go with, try to make your cat’s new litter box multifunctional by not only giving him a place to go that is hidden but by also giving him a place to perch on top of. 

3. Cat scratchers.

If you have been seriously considering getting a cat as a pet, you know that having cat scratchers is very important. Cats love to keep their claws in tip-top shape, and they do so by scratching on things. No one wants the furniture they spent a lot of money on to get ruined by their new furry friend, so cat catchers are a must. But what do you do if you live in an apartment?

My cat’s favorite scratchers are here:

Finnegan’s on one of his favorite cat scratchers

There are cat scratchers on the market that seem to be made with the cat owners in small spaces in mind.

Some cat scratchers have been designed and made to be attached to walls, so just like the suggestions in our first point, they take advantage of any vertical space you wouldn’t typically be using. Some cat scratchers have been designed to fit around the corners of furniture, so they won’t take up any extra space than the furniture that you already have.

To understand more about the anatomy of your cat and why his claws need a scratcher, check out this blog post we wrote that should shed some light!

Why Do Cat Claws Have To Be So Sharp? Murder Mittens Explained

4. Cat toys for cat owners in small spaces.

No matter what kind of pet you have, you want to keep them spoiled and entertained. Cat owners love to buy their best friends all the new cool and fun colored toys they see while out and about, but where do you put them all if you live in a small space?

Well, if your cat is a fan of the toys on wands, you can hang them up on cat towers and walls so they aren’t laying all over the floor. Another option is to get a small basket to keep the toys in while they aren’t being played with. Keep this basket off in the corner or under a shelf; possibly even in the space, you have on your tv stand. 

It is also very important to set time out of your schedule each day to play with your cat. Remember, a tired cat is highly unlikely to go after and make a mess of things he shouldn’t.

One way I like to get Finnegan exercise and release some energy is using the famous Da Bird toy. He loves to chase it!

Even MORE than the Da Bird toy, he has been loving this rainbow felt wand toy.

I have no idea why he likes it so much, but it is has absolute favorite wand to right now. For bunny kicks, he likes plump YEOWWW toys. The catnip is one of the best cat attracting that I have found.

All of these products are available via Amazon.

5. Colors.

One tip that many homeowners and apartment renters use is to buy furniture and decor that have light colors. Using light colors makes the space that you have seem a lot bigger than it is. Cat lovers that live in small apartments can consider this tip when buying their litter boxes, cat towers, toys, and more!

6. Fake plants.

Cats and people don’t necessarily have a lot in common, but one thing that they do have in common is a love of plants. Unfortunately, cats have a love of plants that tends to end up with the plants being destroyed, leading cat owners to buy fake plants. If you’re living in a small space with a cat and you want to spruce up your home with some greenery, perhaps it is time to consider purchasing some large fake plants!

When you buy a large potted fake plant, you are not only adding something eye-catching in the corner of your small room, you’re also adding enrichment to your cat’s daily life! If you really wanted, you could even go about combining two of the tips we have on this list! Try searching around for a cat tower that is also a fake plant. You may just have a new space for your best friend to hang out while also having a fun and leafy decor piece!

Using a cat tree is the perfect way to achieve combining a plant with a cat friendly piece of furniture.

7. Combine your cat’s needs.

It’s no secret to cat lovers that cats enjoy having plenty of places to sneak off to and hide while also needing to scratch at things. The scratching, while sometimes annoying, is necessary to keep their nails sharp and healthy. But what do you do if you want to provide everything your cat needs if you live in a small space?

First thing’s first, you don’t want to have too many pieces of furniture meant for your cat. Try to pick pieces that are meant to accomplish multiple needs that your cat may have at once such as cat towers. They are created so that your cat can perch up high, hide in small places, and claw away at the posts!

In some pet stores across the world and even online, you can find cat beds that are in the shape of teepees. These are not only functional but also attractive, especially for people trying to make the most of their small living spaces. Some of these stores may even sell these cat bed teepees with cat scratchers attached to them on the sides, and if they don’t, then get to DIYing! 

If you don’t like the look of the cat bed teepees, it is also fairly easy to take an old box and customize that to whatever you need. Just get to thinking what exactly your cat is needing in his environment, and craft it! 

8. Get creative with artwork.

We get it, you want your living space to be functional and beautiful. Cat scratchers just don’t look right with your decor and you’re starting to get worried about how you’re going to keep your cat from going after your furniture. So what should you do?

Well, to put it very simply, there is no way around having a designated place for your cat to relieve its scratching urges. However, there are some fun and unique looking scratchers designed to keep cat lovers and their pets happy at the same time! It may take some diving into internet searches, but there are some sunflowers, cactus, wall art, and many other fun designs for cat scratchers that can easily be included in your home decor theme!

9. Choose your furniture carefully.

Since you are living in a small space, your cat may likely get bored at some point in his life. Because this is the case, you’re going to want to be very mindful when choosing the textiles and materials of any furniture, blankets, and curtains that you buy. 

When people are in a smaller space, it is much easier to pick out and notice flaws. If your cat has been clawing at your furniture or snagging his claws on the throw blankets and curtains, your guests are going to be sure to notice. That being said, keep in mind to pick out very simple and smooth fabrics, and be sure to invest in quality! More things to avoid are going to be wooden and wicker furniture. Your cat is going to have a hard time damaging any metal or chrome furniture! You want to know that the products that you have purchased are going to stand the test of time, along with everything your pet is going to  put them through!

10. Hide bowls and bags.

Many pet owners choose to have a designated space for their furry friends to eat every day, and that is perfectly fine! However, if you are living in a smaller apartment and are looking for ways to conserve space while also owning a cat, one easy way to clear up some space is by storing food bowls and food when they’re not in use. 

Try to keep your cat’s bag of food hidden in a cabinet or a pantry/closet so that it is out of sight. Another thing you could do to keep clutter off the floor is to keep your cat’s food bowl hidden inside the bag of food when it is not eating. This, unfortunately, is not a tip that can apply to water bowls as your cat is going to need access to water all day, but even just keeping the food bags out of the way makes for a much cleaner-looking living space. 

Cat Owners In Small Places Concluding Thoughts

We hope these tips will help you in your journey and showed you that a cat in small places can be very doable! Your cat can be happy while also keeping your living space comfortable and stylish.

Remember, no matter what you decide to do and what kind of space you’re looking at, you can’t ignore the needs of your cat!

Lisa Illman

Lisa Illman

Lisa is the owner of Kritter Kommunity and the inventor of the @KritterKondo cat enclosure. She is owned by her mischievous and adorable kitty cat, Finnegan. He has his own Facebook too.