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Cat Beds And Nests Your Cat Will Fawn Over

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Cat Beds And Nests Your Cat Will Fawn Over


As many cat owners can attest to, cats seem to be picky. You may have bought your cat the best cat bed ever and see them turn their nose up to it and instead jump right into the box it arrived in! Now, before you throw your hands up and give up on the idea of a cat bed, remember, your cat knows what it likes. That is why these beds or cat nests have been tried, tested, and deemed purrrrfect for your feline companion. This post is all about the best cat beds and nests for cat will fawn over.

What to Look for in a Cat Bed

Cats, like humans, love their comfort and safety. How many mornings have you spent dreaded getting out of bed because it was so comfortable? We’ve all been there, and cats are the same. While at times they seem like miniature tigers ready to pounce on the unsuspecting ankle, they are still creatures of comfort. It’s also their curiosity that may lead them to one of the beds below. Be careful, though, as your cat may get too comfortable, so you may have to drag it out of bed with promises of playtime and treats.


Cat House and Bed – This bed features the perfect cozy hideaway for your feline. After all, your cat needs alone time and space for them to feel protected. It’s made of 100% wool with a 7-inch hole opening that will let them jump for a nice, safe nap. It’s only about 16-inches wide and 9-inches high and ideal for any cat. It’s non-toxic and makes for a place for them to peak out and see the world.

One reviewer noted:

“My boys love this as a place to feel warm and comfortable. They both love it. I highly recommend this product.”


Premium Cat Bed (Large) – Made of 100% Merino wool, this bed will keep your cat warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With a brand name like MEOWFIA it’s hard to go wrong as the company sports a 5-star rating on their product. This bed is a spacious hideout for any cat and is chemical and synthetic free. It is also warm and cozy and the perfect spot for your cat to sleep, rest and even play. Since it’s Merino wool, it will naturally repel odor, stains, and dirt.

A reviewer mentioned this about the product:

“No hesitation whatsoever – one was in it within seconds. One cat sleeps with his chin on the threshold, the other disappears – very lurky.”


Collapsible Cat House with Bed – Usually, company-owned products aren’t as good as their competitors, but AmazonBasics has pulled out all the stops on this bed that doubles as a cat house. It’s cube-shaped and will give your feline companion a fantastic place to sleep, lounge, and even play. It has an interior den as a hiding place with a small circular cutout for interactive play. It’s great for most cats as it measures 15X15X17 inches. One comfy feature that can’t be ignored is the soft suede Sherpa top.

Cats love it so much; a reviewer stated:

“Our cat LOVES his ‘kitty cubby’ as we call it. He spends more time on top but has the option to go inside when he wants. Well made. Plush.”

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Sleeping Cat Nest – This is not only popular with cats but enthusiasts as well. It is shaped like a cat with a large opening. Made from crystal velvet and cotton, this nest will keep your cat warm and cozy. Its unique style is super-soft and has a pleasing yet aesthetic design.

A cat lover posted:

“Bought this for our little kitten when we brought her home from the shelter. She was scared and loved sleeping hidden away in her little kitty bed. So cute for the room!”


Plush Cat Bed. While this may look like a round sofa straight out of the late 60s, this calming bed is a fashionable and fantastic addition to your home. This bed features neck and head support for your kitty’s comfort, which will allow them to curl up faster for a better nap. It is made of durable polyester and covered in luxurious faux fur to add to the comfort of the bed. It has a round shape (like a donut). It’s also machine washable, which adds to its value.

One reviewer noted a therapeutic side:

“My sister’s cat has epilepsy, and the calming beds with the high sides help keep her kitty safe if she has a seizure. She felt so good about that peace of mind, she asked me to get her another bed for her living room.”


Cat Bed Rope Basket – This was a surprising and practical find that needs to be considered. The bed is 15.5-inches in diameter and about 5-inches deep. It is almost like a small box that you know cats love. This cat nest is super pet friendly. It’s woven from cotton and features a sleek yep minimal design. Since it is woven from a robust cotton rope, it offers fantastic scratch resistance and won’t fall apart. Your cat can also use it as a scratching board. For cat owners with a picky cat, this review may appeal to you. “I was skeptical in getting this because it seems like everything that is aesthetically pleasing to the humans, has no appeal to the cats. I highly recommend for those who have cats that like to get inside of boxes and all that.”

Snow Owl Cat Bed

The gorgeous and stunning modern snow owl is a real hit among cats. These beautiful beds are handmade by women in Nepal. The oil used in the molding attracts kitty cats as they love to make bread inside with their paws.

Snow Owl Cat Nest
Cat Caves & Nests

As you can see, there are many beds and nest for cats. Finding one that will entice your cat to use is another thing.

Your cat wants to feel comfy and safe when they sleep. They also need a place away from everyone else. Even a cat needs personal time and self-care. Having the perfect cat bed or cat nest will help.

These beds listed have proven their worth with glowing reviews from cat owners who have tested and proven that these beds are the cat’s meow.

Lisa Illman is the Founder of Kritter Kommunity, LLC. Not only does she have one tuxedo male adult cat currently, she has had him since he was a baby kitten; so she knows well the kitten lifecycle, the teenage cat lifecycle and the adult cat lifecycle (he is currently 11 years old). Prior to her cat Finnegan, Lisa had two FIV positive cats for over a decade. Lisa’s love for animals her entire life (she also had a poodle and parakeet growing up plus was a caretaker for her roommate’s 3 pets during college) and networking with the pet community for over a decade, enable her to find top content for her readers.

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