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2012 Testimonials

Robert Downey Jr

2011 Testimonials

"hi pals!! We are on holiday with tsk! And took his KK with us!"

"I really owe it to you! Your invention has made fostering SO! much easier and much less stressful! Thank you"!

 -Andrea, NJ

i luvs mai condo... i cud stay out here allllllllllllll day long... i'm just meowin...

-Perry the Birman

"I think this is a work of genius! I can't believe someone didn't think of it before. My husband also pointed out that if you ever went out of town and needed to leave your pet at someone's house, this could be very useful".

-Jerry, Decatur Alabama


"It's the coolest thing! We put Hattie out in our backyard, and after her initial fear of being outside wore off, she was SOOOOO happy. She purred and purred, and walked around her "kondo" and just enjoyed the winter air"

- Tiffany, Nashville TN

2010 Testimonials

"We were sent this amazing Kritter Kondo Deluxe from the Kritter Kommunity. It is an outdoor pet enclosure ideal for indoor cats and small dogs. It's purrfect for your patio, balcony, porch, deck, yard or even indoors. A shade canopy is built in to offer a shady side and a sunny side for your pet to enjoy the fresh air".

-Super Cool Pets, December 15th, 2010

"I think this is built very sturdy and makes having inside pets outside for fresh air a breeze. It is easy to take down and carry with you anywhere this is a must have for anyone with indoor animals or people who love to travel especially."

-Dannyale N. and Libby the kitty

"Even though the door was open and we were allowed out on the deck...we love our Kondo so much...we choose to stay in it =^..^= ...... my sisfur Eunice loves our Kondo too =^..^="

-Alan Baker, Australia

"I was very excited to try out my Kritter Kondo! We have a puppy, Ella, and she loves to go way out back and bark at the neighbor dogs. Kritter Kondo to the rescue! Now I can just put her in the Kritter Kondo when I don’t want to leave her in her carrier. She has room to run around, but she can’t get into any trouble! The Kritter Kondo is a great solution. We have set it up in our living room, patio and even in the shop. I love how fast it goes up and it goes down just as fast. Thanks again!" -Carol, Utah"The Kondo is incredibly easy to assemble, and I did so within 3 or 4 minutes. We love it thanks"! -Katie Commerce City, CO

"little Solo, the little pug puppy was happily prancing around in his new play domain! Oh, he was giddy. LOVE the doors on either side of the Kritter Kondo. That way, if your little puppy or kitty runs from you, you can have another person on the other side to grab the little stinker! The carrying case is great for travel. Bring it with you on the road so your puppy or kitty can have a home away from home too. So, all in all we are very happy with the Kritter Kondo!"!

-Kim Kelso, Washington

"Mai new Kritter Kondo is the best ting since squeeky mouse toyz! MoM gotz da Deluxe model fur me so I can be safe outdoors...we have coyotez where I live! She also got the shade cover so I can be protected frum da sun...mai white fur might get sunburned! I also like to travel wif MoM & DaD in da RV and da Kritter Kondo will be pawfect fur me to be outdoors at da campsite. I also likes to have mai toyz wif me in da Kondo and there's plenty of room fur dem plus me. Can't wait to have kitteh company over so we can enjoy mai Kritter Kondo together"!

-LeoPussMan and MoM Sue

"Nick (Charles) is the tuxedo cat and Lilly (Hellman) is the tabby. The cage is big hit with both, but we've nicknamed it the Lilly Pad because she loves it soooo much. She's quite insistent on nice days to get out in it to watch her birds and squirrels..."

-Cheers, Lois & Rob

"The one-piece structure makes the most imaginative use of Velcro I’ve seen since I worked in theater" "Dickens loves this enclosure, and his only complaint is he can’t hunt in there because for some odd reason mice don’t wander into it. He dearly loves to be outside, but he is an indoor cat" -Phyllis DeGioia (Phyllis DeGioia is the editor of the PetConnection's free library of pet-care articles, which is powered by a grant from Pfizer Animal Health. She has been writing about dogs and veterinary medicine since 2000. She is editor of Veterinary Partner, the client education Web site for the Veterinary Information Network (VIN). She regularly writes product comparison articles for Tufts' Your Dog newsletter, and writes now and then for other pet Web sites and publications, such as

"I love my Kritter Condo so much I get in all by myself! Thanks again",

Boris Kitty - Reading, PA

"Goma loves the Kritter Kondo Deluxe! It is easy to put together too. I also love the canopy which provides shade for animals and French door is so cute! I guess I can go on and on, but the video I put together will tell you everything about it".


"Hi Lisa, Just a quick note to tell you we received the kritter condo. And Lily (our tabbie) LOOOOVED it. She really enjoyed all the smells, sounds and sights of our back yard this weekend. And will for a long time to come. She says thanks" Lois, Ontario Canada (photo to follow) "Hi Lisa, The Kondo Original you sent to me is now in the home of two cats w/a brand new cat owner. These cats were rescued from a horrible hoarding situation, fostered for three weeks and now they are w/one of my friends. She recently lost her dog after 14 years and couldn't deal with a new dog just yet but was lonely, so she decided to give these two cats a home. She said they LOVED it and it was one of the first "toys" they were exposed to in their new home. Once they settle in, she can't wait to take it outside to her patio, er, catio. Smile" Sincerely, Lisa M. Allmendinger Editor I Love Cats

"Hi the Kondo came yesterday. The product is very nice and looks well made. We decided on this one as the others on Amazon said their mesh didn't hold up. Lenny set it up later in the day and within no time Hoover was inside checking it out. Baci, who's a little skiddish, was cautious but also went inside a couple of times, and even layed down for a few minutes. When we went to bed last night, Hoover was sleeping inside. We want them to become familiar with it before we leave on our trip. We hope to use it in the hotel room rather than leave them in their crates, as we don't want to let them run around free. Thanks again for the quick turnaround". -Dianne Orlando, FL "I received my Kritter Condo yesterday and was impressed with the size, construction, ease of setting up and the carrying case. I adopted Bud and Zel from shelters however since I have had them they have never been allowed outside as I love them too much to let them have to face all the different elements in the outdoor world. I would recommend this condo to anyone! In fact so would Bud and Zel as they are both at the door right now asking to go back outside". Connie, Bud and Zel "I love my Kritter Kondo, got one for my dog Annie and my cat Ruby. They both fit great and I can wash my car in the drive way while they hang out and watch" Jacqui, Cherry Hill NJ "I just purchased The Kritter Kondo, an outdoor cat enclosure, from Kritter Community and i absolutely love it...especially my kitties!" (VIDEO)


"Kaito was so excited when the Kritter Kondo arrived, he fell into the bag! Once set-up he really like the space the outdoor enclosure offered. It has plenty of room for him to walk around and really spread out. Thank you!" - Marlene, Washington Our local animal rescue office in eastern Georgia purchased three of these light-weight outdoor enclosures so that cats that used to have outdoor access can go outdoors on our grounds. The kittens love the sunshine and snuggling together as they await adoption. When we attend pet adoption events at our local parks, we bring these easily-assembled Kondos, which are a great hit. J. James. WOW dis iz big n spacious. I gonna likes bein outsides in dis fing. Plenty of room in here....come join me, kai? Dis iz comfy comfy.... Room ta play wif da toys.... Boris Kitty Reading, PA MacANDFuzCat got their Kondo and are really enjoying it; easy to set - up, can't wait for the warm weather! Caroline Rolla, MO

We purchased a Kritter Kondo at the Feline Fanciers Cat Show in NJ; we made our decision because it is the perfect size for our cat, super sturdy and Lisa demonstrated how VERY easy it is to put together and take down... no stakes, no building! - Jim & Joan Bridgewater, NJ I bought a Kritter Kondo at the Feline Fancy Cat Show after seeing how very easy it is to set-up and take down. I just had to get one for our rescue! - Angel P.A.W.S. My kitteh, Hildee in her Kondo showing off! She loves it and has a lot of fun; thank you! - Lisa, Fresno, CA 2009 Testimonials "Our Kitty loves her Kritter Kondo. We have to crawl inside to get her out! She loves watching me in the garden and it's great that I do not have to worry about her getting hurt while she is outside with us. Thanks for a great pet product" - Leslie, Fairfield CT "We LOVE our new Kritter Kondo, and so does Java, our Ocicat! When it arrived, we were blown away at how well crafted it is. The carrying case alone should be worth the cost of what you for this, and that by itself was a masterpiece. We could tell that a lot of thought and hard work went into creating the Kritter Kondo. Its construction is first-rate, it's a snap to set-up and pack-up, is easy to use and a wonderful environment for Java. Our kitty LOVES it! After a few moments of wonder adjusting to her new outdoor world, Java felt right at home. She laid down on a cushion we put inside, drank some water, and engaged with the outside world. A lizard came by to check it out, which gave Java an adventure she never had before. We're thrilled that we can share the outdoors safely with our kitty! Thank you so for this wonderful creation! We can't recommend the Kritter Kondo enough!" - Rita, Irvine, CA

"I love Wiggles, my new Rescue dog and she loves The Kritter Kondo, the outdoor pet enclosure we got her at the White Plains NY Pet & Adoption Expo. Wiggles loves hanging out in here and I don't have to hold her leash all the time at the Park!" - McKaolin, Westchester County, NY "We love our new Kritter Kondos (we have TWO!!) They are very easy to set-up and take down. Thank goodness because I do not have time to build an enclosure. As a Cat Rescue, the Kritter Kondo comes in handy. Many times we are caring for multiple cats that cannot be together. Having the Kritter Kondo, I can keep them separated but still give them plenty of space. We use our Kritter Kondos Indoors AND Outdoors. I can't wait to get a couple more. Thanks again" -Amanda Carney, Prancing Paws Cat Rescue, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.◊ Product review from The Ivan and Boo Chronicles: "We were excited when we ran across KritterKondo on Twitter. We checked out their associated web site and discovered that they were developing a cat playpen for cats who live in condominiums, apartments, or townhomes. Space might be limited indoors, but with the Kritter Kondo, kitties could play safely outside. After a few months, we got word that the Kritter Kondo was finally available for purchase! We contacted Lisa, the owner and mastermind behind the Kondo, and asked if she would be interested in covering the shipping cost to send us a Kondo for review. She immediately agreed, so we saved around $18. We paid only for the Kondo itself, which currently sells for $124.99. It took a week and a half or so, but the Kondo finally arrived via UPS. It comes with its own padded carrying case that has lots of pockets inside for holding the bag of pins that give the Kondo its structural integrity, plus it can hold lots of your own supplies - pet food and treats, people snacks/water, pretty much anything you like! The case is large, so the shoulder strap on it is a must. It is relatively easy to tote around - from the car to the patio, or from the car to the park or beach - you get the idea. The carrying case measures 30 inches tall by 36 inches wide and about five inches thick. We first set up the Kondo indoors, to let the kitties get accustomed to it. It's easy to set up. Lay it flat on the ground, with the base frame on the bottom, and lift up the two ends. Then you insert the eight pins and voilá, you're done, and the Kondo is ready for its residents to enter! Ivan and Boo checked it out for the couple of days that we had it open in the house. Then we made some space on our patio (which is currently pretty well occupied by potted plants, a small table and chairs, and a barbecue grill!) and set the Kondo up outside. It is a perfect fit on our patio! And it is quite spacious, even for two adult cats. They had room to walk around and check things out. They had quite the afternoon in the sun! The fully opened enclosure is 2 feet tall, 2.5 feet wide, and a whopping 5.5 feet long! Almost every evening we open the sliding glass door that leads to the patio and we leave the screen door shut, and the boys love to lounge in front of the screen. We tried to escape-proof the patio with the plastic equivalent of chicken wire, but we are not convinced that the cats won't find some miniscule escape route, so we rarely let them out, and when we do, it's only for a few moments. However, the Kritter Kondo puts all our fears of escape to rest! We can leave the boys on the patio and go answer the phone or the door, or take a bathroom break, and we know they'll be fine. This is a great load off our minds! The boys love the opportunity to be outside and smell the smells, hear the sounds, and see the sights. The sun was warm on them today, and they lounged in it. The birds were flitting about, and the boys clucked at them (you've probably had cats who do that!). There were leaves dancing about on the cement of the patio, and the cats batted at them. It was a wonderful afternoon! The KritterKondo appears to be very well-designed and well-made. It is ridiculously easy to set up and take down. The door opens and closes easily and has a latch to make sure it stays shut when your cats are inside. You'll want to get a zip-loc type back to store the pins in - the bag of pins will slip right into one of the pockets inside the Kondo storage bag. There are other companies that make cat "playpens" and outdoor pens, but this is the biggest one at the best price. We haven't seen any other outdoor cat pens of this size, certainly not at this price. And you don't have to live in an apartment to use the Kritter Kondo. We recommend it for anyone who wants their cats to enjoy the outdoors without the risk of them escaping or running away. The Kritter Kondo is available from Kritter Kommunity at Tell them Ivan and Boo sent you. Please be sure to provide your cats with a shaded area while they are in the Kritter Kondo. Lay a towel over one end of the enclosure, or set it up so that it is partially shaded by a tree. Cats can get sunburned and can even get skin cancer from sun exposure, especially cats who have white fur on part or all of the body." "Hi Lisa, The KritterKondo is such a brilliant invention and there is nothing like this available in the UK. It is wonderfully spacious so Jazzy can play and snooze in safety. The Carry Case is also a real assett because there are pockets in which I can store Jazzy's blanket and toys. When the KK is completely folded it is only 6 inches in width, very comfortable to carry and stores away easily. It is not just good for the garden or patio, but great if you have the builders in or go to friends for the weekend. If there is only one thing you buy for your cat or small dog for Christmas, this is it! Many thanks to Lisa & friends at KK for their innovation." - Trea, London, UK "As I type, Prada is out in the kondo right now. When he wants to go outside, he sits at the patio door obnoxiously meowing until I open the door for him to go out. I open the patio screen door to go out and Prada waits until I open the kondo door and then he jumps right in. He very seldom lounges in the kondo as he prefers to sit alert taking in the backyard. Excuse our mess but it has been very windy and he was in such a hurry to go out today that he did not want to wait for me to change out his towel which was full of leaves and debris!"

- Diane and Prada, Sacramento, CA

I actually am using the Kondo at the farm. I set it up in the hay loft initially to transition a kitty out there since there was plenty of space in it for a large carrier, litter box, and food/water and the netting gave him a clear view of what the other resident kitties were doing. He stayed in it for about 10 days (naturally I checked on him every day and allowed him some time to explore when I was there - when he was out of it the other kitties were in it) and he seemed to feel safe in it. When I finally decided it was time to let him out permanently, the other kitties convinced me that they wanted it left up and used it as another napping area. Now it still has the large carrier in the back and is "stuffed" with a very warm soft comforter and draped over with blankets to keep the heat in. Its one of the favorite beds in the loft. - Carol, Reston, VA I purchased a Kritter Kondo so that Honey, my strictly inside cat, could enjoy being outside. She has escaped outside a couple of times, and I was deathly afraid I'd never get her back again from across the street or from the neighbor's yard. Now I never need to worry about something like that again because I know Honey will be safe and secure outside in her Kritter Kondo. It's winter right now, and I decided that I would still keep the Kritter Kondo set up in the apartment so she won't need to readjust to it when the weather warms up. She continues to play in it even though she's not outside. This is the single best purchase I have ever made for a pet, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

- E. F., Ames, Iowa



" I really owe it to you! Your invention has made fostering SO! much easier and muss less stressful! Thank you"!

-Andrea, NJ



"I think this is a work of genius! I can't believe someone didn't think of it before. My husband also pointed out that if you ever went out of town and needed to leave your pet at someone's house, this would be very useful".

-Jerry, Decature Alabama



"I think this is built very sturdy and makes having inside pets outside for fresh air a breeze. It is easy to take down and carry with you anywhere this is a must have for anyone with indoor animals or people who love to travel especially."

-Dannyale N.


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