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15 Years Experience with Fortune 100 Companies

Create a Robust Sales Funnel in 90 Days! Tap into some of the most overlooked, yet efficient valuable ways to create a robust sales funnel for your business and services.

Lead by Example, Succeed by Example! Explore proven ways to identify your success and use it to close and grow business.

Drive Sales through Vertical Selling. A step by step process of researching, evaluating, targeting and executing a proven vertical sales strategy to empower your team to exceed their goals!

5 Powerful Ways to Manifest Ideas, Inventions and Products!
Through creative and practical processes, Lisa leads the audience through five processes designed specifically for the pet industry. . Attendees will also be provided a take home worksheet that includes five additional techniques to choose from!

You’re On Social Media – What Next? Lisa provides tools specifically designed for generating a buzz and driving traffic to your website via Twitter, Blogging and Facebook.

How to Get Your Brand Featured in Top Media Magazines, Blogs and TV Shows! Practical, free and easy to implement practices that will get you in front of top media outlets!



" I really owe it to you! Your invention has made fostering SO! much easier and muss less stressful! Thank you"!

-Andrea, NJ



"I think this is a work of genius! I can't believe someone didn't think of it before. My husband also pointed out that if you ever went out of town and needed to leave your pet at someone's house, this would be very useful".

-Jerry, Decature Alabama



"I think this is built very sturdy and makes having inside pets outside for fresh air a breeze. It is easy to take down and carry with you anywhere this is a must have for anyone with indoor animals or people who love to travel especially."

-Dannyale N.


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